Lidor Wyssocky - Visual Artist

"I point my camera to walls (or maybe it is pointed at me)"

Lidor Wyssocky is an urban visual artist living and working in Israel.

His visual stories are created using urban fragments as raw material, turning the streets of the city into a never-ending play with invisible actors.

“For years I’m photographing in the streets of Tel-Aviv – almost always in the same couple of ever-changing square miles. The urban streets never stop providing me raw materials for thoughts, emotions, and stories. Hundreds and thousands of people are walking in these streets every day, failing to stop for a moment, explore and imagine; smile and connect. I hope that my art will make some of them walk… a little bit… slower.”

Feel free to contact Lidor for any query regarding prints, exhibitions, special projects, and cooperation:
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You are invited to explore these sites for Lidor's artwork...

Warehoue Zero - Lidor Wyssocky's Art Space

Warehouse Zero is Lidor Wyssocky's virtual art space. Designed for displaying the stories weaved by Lidor - the stories hidden in walls and empty streets. Stories that are constantly changing, and which are never told the same way twice. Stories and dreams that are planted in the streets of the city, and grow inside of Lidor's head.

The artworks presented at Warehouse Zero are available as limited-edition fine-art prints.

Visit Warehouse Zero at

imagilo. imagining, together.

imagilo offers Design Professionals access to a wide selection of Lidor's original artwork.

Lidor works closely with Designers to provide captivating art that fits perfectly to their creative vision, but also have a unique presence. Whether it is one of the hundreds of works from the imagilo catalog, or a special commissioned project, Lidor's artworks will make any design project unforgetable.

Visit imagilo at

TLV365 - Expect the Unexpected.

TLV365 is an ongoing project running since 2012. Each year, a new year-long project is created and grows day by day, week by week with the audience directly involved in its evolution.

TLV365 tells the story of a city. A story we tend to miss.

Visit TLV365 at